Bulgaria is to be the forth country in the world where the Dutch chain JYSK will have its own logistics center. It will be situated in the state-owned park in Bozhurishte. The investment amounts to over 100 million EUR. From there the company will provide services to seven countries in the region – Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At present the company only has had three centers – in Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

The project includes construction of a distribution center over an area of approximately 80 000 m2. The first stage of the construction in provided for the lower building where manual operations will be executed (packing, sorting, etc.). They will have to begin functioning during the third trimester of 2018.

The second stage includes construction of two high buildings of 50 m height, each of which will have an area of 10 000 m2. Similar constructions in Bulgaria rarely exceed 15 m. They will be entirely automated and will provide about 80% of the capacity of the logistics center. The construction itself as well as the installation of the machinery will have to be completed by May 2019, and the whole installation will have to start functioning at the third trimester of 2019.

The logistics center will have an area for 122 416 pallets and will contain 145 000 m3 of goods.