We aim to give the client optimal usefulness through optimisations, new products and offers for the best solutions in implementation

Stories of success are always inspiring, and what Pipe System has achieved is one of the best examples. The company's portfolio is really impressive, because in it we recognise emblematic buildings in which we work, shop and have fun every day. Without realising it, we inhabit a world created by Pipe System.

The company for water supply pipe networks began as a small warehouse, and today it is a well-known and established name on the market, which has worked with over 900 clients on more that 500 projects. Pipe System JsC offers a full range of services in design of indoor and outdoor WSS pipe networks, fire extinguishing systems, vacuum-siphon drainage, pools and others. The company also delivers and constructs the installations designed by its specialists.

Engineer Nikolay Chomakovski, CEO of Pipe System JsC, tells more about the secret of the company's success and its future.

In 13 years you managed to grow from a small company to a leader on the market. How did you do it?

We started with a handful of people in a small warehouse for water supply systems, precisely 13 years ago. To reach the moment of today when we employ over 350 people working for the company either as employees or as subcontractors, we travelled a long and bumpy road. The main reason for our success was our perseverance and enthusiasm, and our flexibility on the construction market. In every moment we follow closely the conditions on the construction market and we adapt in accordance with the changes it goes through. This helped us a lot in the years of the crisis, when plenty of companies died out due to their inability to adapt to the changing conditions.

Tell us more about your concept for "complete engineering"? What are its advantages for the client?

The "complete engineering" is a complex service we offer to our clients. It refers to offering a full range of options to save the client's time and money in regard of the installations in which we are specialised: building and ground WSS, sprinkler installations, roof vacuum-siphon drainage, and even HVAC as well. The services included are: design and/or redesign at the project's initial stage, execution of the construction with delivery of materials included, and also maintenance after the installations are in exploitation. We give 10 years of warranty to our clients. Recently, we introduced a very important additional service: insurance coverage on our expense for the installation we have built, guaranteed with a certificate issued by our insurers, amounting to 3,000,000 EUR.

The idea of 'complete engineering' is to provide the whole service to our clients, so that they don't need to spend their time and resources on different contractors – we do everything that concerns our installations, and we take full responsibility for our product.

What is the most challenging project on which you have worked on?

It is definitely not just one. We have several significant projects, like the US military base in Novo Selo village where we partnered with one of the biggest European construction companies, the German Bilfinger Berger. The list includes also Paradise Centre, which is the largest shopping centre in Bulgaria; the Capital Fort skyscraper by Fort Noks; the Sofia's waste plant where we worked together with the consortium Aktor–Helector, and many more. Each of the projects we have realised has helped us grow. The projects I mentioned above taught us valuable lessons, empowering us to execute extremely difficult and big-scale projects today. An interesting challenge, for example, was South Ring Mall, in Sofia, where we installed a sprinkler installation at a significant height of 22m with special platforms. This experience was of very useful later, when we built another sprinkler installation at a significant height, this time for Lufthansa Technik near Sofia Airport. We have many projects that make us proud, and our clients have acknowledged this, by providing us with excellent reference letters. For us, these are the best evaluations for a job well done.

How do the trends in construction in the past few years influence the work of your company?

As a whole, the construction market is very dynamic, making us constantly be on the ball. In the past year and a half, which is in fact the transition between two programme periods, there has been a serious decrease of EU funded projects. This significantly shifted the layers in our field - companies that used to rely on this niche are now searching for new options. The same goes for the suppliers and manufacturers of construction materials like pipes and others. From this point of view, we are constantly keeping an eye on the changes in the configurations on the market, in order to be adequate to what is going on.

Another thing, which makes me happy, is the increase of industrial projects in the country – the construction in the Shumen and Bozhurishte industrial areas, or Sofia Tech Park project in Sofia. The active construction of manufacturing facilities in the region of Plovdiv demonstrated that the market is improving, and this is real economy, and I hope many more companies will choose Bulgaria as a destination for their production.

How and with what do you win your clients?

We are constantly developing. For some, this might look exhausting, but I think this makes us successful. In order to grow, we need to learn, to develop, to move forward, to get better, to change. The only thing that doesn't change in Pipe System is that we work for our clients. Our idea is for the client to receive the service or the product wanted at the best possible price and on the best possible terms, with all the guarantees that are our engagement and responsibility. For us, the guiding principle is the ‘win-win’ result, we don't seek profit or success to the expense of the other party of the deal, be it a client, a supplier, or a partner. We strive to provide our clients with the optimal usefulness through optimisations, new products, offers for the best solutions in the execution or in the design, and this is truly valued on the market.